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ASI welcomes Fromageries Bel as new Downstream Supporter member

ASI is pleased to announce that Fromageries Bel has joined as a Downstream Supporter, bringing the total number of ASI members to 46 as of April 2017. Fromageries Bel is ASI’s second Downstream Supporter member, after Apple Inc. joined in December 2016.

About Fromageries Bel

Fromageries Bel - ASI Member April 2017The Bel brands bring smiles to over 400 million consumers annually in around 130 countries around the globe. These smiles, derived from the pleasure of eating food made with dairy goodness, and Bel’s commitment to encouraging good eating habits and good-naturedness, form the common thread between the Group and its brands. Bel has been producing cheeses from original and tasty recipes for 150 years. Expert cheese-making and high standards in terms of quality and food safety can be found in each of the 30 Group factories, which produce Bel brands.

Bel is an international, family Group with strong values and a growth strategy that takes the long-term view. From its corporate governance and its commercial and labor relations models, to its locally based operations, Bel favours sustainability, a source of trust and continuity.

The Group’s drive for sustainable growth guides its strategic decision-making, to ensure that its business model is profitable in both the short and the long term.

To that end, Bel’s business model incorporates continuous improvement initiatives to conserve natural resources, optimize nutritional value, increase product accessibility and encourage sustainable development within the dairy industry. Bel believes that the company can thrive over the long term only through a sustainable business model that ensures resource availability, remains the consumer’s preferred choice and improves business productivity.

The Bel Group is pleased to announce its membership and strong support joining ASI as a Downstream supporter. Committed for more than ten years and part of its strategic plan for 2025, the Group has turned its CSR policy into a model for sustainable growth. In 2016, three key priorities has been identified: access to the benefits of dairy products, sustainable dairy production and responsible packaging management. Each year, Bel sells more than 18 billion portions worldwide, the vast majority of which have aluminium packaging.  The sourcing of aluminium can have social and environmental impacts and thus the Group’s intends to participate in the transformation of the sector by supporting ASI to implement new standards to implement responsible aluminium procurement and certification.

– Magali Sartre
Global Corporate Social Responsibility and
Corporate Relations Director

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