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10 February 2021

ASI is pleased to announce that Golden Aluminum Inc. has joined as a new Production & Transformation member, bringing the total number of ASI Members to 156. 


About Golden Aluminum Inc.

Golden Aluminum Inc. (Golden) was formed in 1980 by early sustainability leader, Coors Brewing Company (Coors). Conceived to augment Coors ‘ used beverage can (UBC) recycling efforts, Golden was tasked to develop a post-consumer recycled aluminum alloy and process to supply Coors its requirements for aluminum can-sheet. The initial goal was accomplished, leading to Golden being the first aluminum rolling mill in the world to successfully manufacture rigid container sheet via its patented continuous block casting mini-mill process.

While ownership transferred from Coors in the mid 1990s, sustainability remains a key part of Golden ‘s DNA. Always on the forefront of recycling and leveraging its proprietary casting process, ongoing development led to a solution in the early 2010s for producing beverage can-sheet containing over 90% UBC.

Today, utilizing energy efficient continuous casting combined with high scrap utilization, Golden enjoys a strong niche position as a supplier of sustainable flat rolled aluminum sheet for the food and beverage packaging and automotive markets.

ASI members and Golden Aluminum share many commonalities. We are members of an industry that offers unlimited value and opportunity on a world-wide scope. Golden agrees that stewardship, achieved through cooperative initiatives, is necessary to secure a sustainable, prosperous future for our Aluminum industry. Golden Aluminum looks forward to working collectively with ASI members toward common goals. Golden is pleased to submit our application for membership as a Production & Transformation candidate. –

– Don Forchette, Environmental Engineer, Golden Aluminum Inc.

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