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ASI welcomes Grupa Kety S.A. as new Production & Transformation member

ASI is pleased to announce that Grupa Kęty S. A. has joined as a new Production & Transformation member, bringing the total number of ASI Members to 142.

About Grupa Kęty

Grupa Kęty, The Extruded Products Segment produces aluminum profiles and components. We are a Polish company with a domestic market share estimated at around 25% and a strong position in the European aluminum manufacturing sector. Production capacity of the Extruded Products Segment is 90 thousand tons per year and go far beyond the extrusion process. Within the structures of the Segment, there are plants for mechanical and surface treatment of profiles, we provide anodizing treatment, powder painting, welding and full fabrication. Accurate functioning of the quality, environment and work safety management systems in the Company is confirmed by current certificates. The resources accumulated for several dozen years, such as professional staff, modern devices, innovative technologies, own know-how give us the ability to create advanced aluminum products.

In reference to products we have applied an approach based on the product life-cycle, reducing their impact on the environment by way of an effective process of aluminium waste recovery. In the production process of new extruded profiles and components, we not only use our own waste, but we also process aluminum from the market, i.e. aluminum products after their complete use.

For many years we have been implementing activities aimed at the use of innovative solutions and technologies that have a positive impact on the environment.

We are aware that we impact the environment in a direct and indirect way. Therefore, we operate such as to reduce that influence to the minimum. We assume full liability for the operation in environmental issues, and due to these reasons we have tried to present them in the most reliable and transparent manner. We hope ASI standards help us to demonstrate the environmental dimension of our business.

– Maciej Budziński – Quality & Environmental Manager

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