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20 October 2023

ASI is pleased to announce that Guangdong Hongjin Aluminum Investment Co., LTD(广东鸿劲铝业投资有限公司) has joined as a new Production and Transformation member.

About Guangdong Hongjin Aluminum Investment Co., LTD(广东鸿劲铝业投资有限公司)

Guangdong Hongjin Aluminum Investment Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Huajin Aluminum Group) was founded in 1996 as an enterprise specializing in the research and development of new aluminium-based materials, direct supply of aluminium liquid distribution and grading reduction of recycled aluminium. After nearly 30 years of continuous development, it has 10 factories and 2 professional Research And Development Centers in Central, South and East China with an annual production capacity of 850,000 tons. The product is widely used in fields such as automobiles, 5G communication, 3C electronics, new energy, energy storage, etc. The direct supply of aluminium liquid is more than 60%, which reduces the material burn loss, energy consumption and comprehensive cost of die- casters, and realizes the values of green environmental protection that is low cost and low risk for automotive, communications and other industries. As a responsible group enterprise in the global aluminium industry chain with the concept of “energy saving, emissions reduction, recycling and recycling”, Huajin Aluminum Group has the most complete regenerated aluminium pre-treatment—aluminium alloy smelting production and aluminium liquid short-flow direct supply—aluminium ash harmless treatment of the whole production chain services, including Recycled aluminium, Crushing processing, Smelting (including Aluminium ash harmless treatment) -aluminium liquid/ingot production, Customer-Customer return and so on. The recycling of recycled aluminium has been realized. At the same time, several grades have been certified by the SCS-RC Kingfisher and are 100% produced with recycled materials. Huajin Aluminum Group will continue to contribute to the achievement of the double carbon goal and the green development of the earth in the future.

Based on the development concept of “energy saving, emission reduction, environmental protection, limited resources, unlimited reuse” Guangdong Hongjin Aluminum Investment Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Huajin Aluminum Group) will continue to implement green and low-carbon development, and creates a green and environmental protection industry chain integrating “aluminium alloy recycling, sorting, smelting, aluminium alloy ingot/liquid production, direct supply and distribution services”. Huajin Aluminum Group voluntarily joined ASI to fully implement the concept of green and sustainable development.

– Kwong Manxing, Chairman/President

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