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21 March 2024

ASI is pleased to announce that Guangyuan Zhongfu Technology Co., LTD has joined as a new Production & Transformation member.

About Guangyuan Zhongfu Technology Co., LTD

Guangyuan Zhongfu Technology Co., Ltd.’s annual output of 150,000 tons of high-precision aluminium alloy plate ingot project by Henan Zhongfu Industrial Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhongfu Industrial”). The project is located in the national Guangyuan economic and technological Development Zone, Yuan Jiaba Industrial Park. The project covers an area of 11326.57 square meters, 16.99 acres, the main workshop is composed of melting span and casting span, the span is 30m and 33m, the melting span length is 63m, the casting span workshop is 93m, and the auxiliary span is provided on the side of the workshop. The total area is 5733m2, of which the production area is about 4959m2, and the auxiliary area is about 774m2.

Improving its own governance to meet lean management, responsible production and sustainability requirements is also combined with creating a green factory. Certification is not only a purpose, but also a process and tool for improvement, which is beneficial to reduce risks and obtain current and long-term benefits. Under the general social background and the rule of law where the country emphasizes the ecological environment, business environment and social responsibility, enterprises must improve compliance construction and fulfill social responsibilities, show their response to sustainability in key materials, and in industrial products and consumer goods market to enhance company reputation, social impact and company brand value.

– Huang Keqin, Chief Engineer​

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