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1 November 2023

ASI is pleased to announce that Hulamin Operations (Pty) Limited has rejoined as a Production and Transformation member.

About Hulamin Operations (Pty) Limited

Aluminium semi-fabrication is provided by our aluminium Rolled Products and Extrusions business located in South Africa. We supply to customers across South Africa, Africa and the world, focusing on specific product and end-use markets. As the only major aluminium rolling operation in Sub-Saharan Africa, Hulamin is one of the largest exporters, with exports representing more than 60% of sales. Regional growth is important to us and we aim to make a meaningful contribution to sustainable development in South Africa. We are committed to responsible business leadership and good governance, and to making a positive impact on the economy, environment and communities in which we operate.

Hulamin has an organisational culture that places great value on its shareholders, employees, communities and key stakeholders, with a clear understanding of the close connection between the health of these key stakeholders to that of the business. By joining ASI, we believe that all we have in place will add credibility to Hulamin as a responsible and sustainable producer of aluminium products. We view the certification processes of the ASI Performance Standard as an opportunity to critically reassess the governance of our industry and to challenge our current approaches to our stakeholders. Furthermore, it is expected that certification with the ASI Performance Standard will result in adding value to our products and possibly attract new markets.

– Hendrik de Villiers, Head of Environmental Sustainability

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