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ASI welcomes Kaiser Aluminum as new Industrial User member

ASI is pleased to announce that Kaiser Aluminum has joined as a new Industrial User member, bringing the total number of ASI Members to 166.

About Kaiser Aluminum

At Kaiser Aluminum we recognize that long-term excellence requires sustainable practices. Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate values and we manage our business for long-term success in a manner that is economically, environmentally and socially responsible. We seek to continually improve our product quality and manufacturing efficiency through processes and capital investments that reduce our environmental impact and, in turn, reduce the environmental impact of our customers.

Kaiser Aluminum Corporation is a leading North American producer of highly engineered aluminum mill products focused on demanding applications for aerospace, defense, packaging, automotive, and otherindustrial end markets.

The aluminum mill products we produce are part of the carbon solution facilitating light weighting and increased fuel efficiency in transportation and due to the infinite recyclability of aluminum, the material of choice for the beverage and food packaging industry. Each of our facilities comply with environmental standard ISO 14001 and joining ASI reflects our commitment as a strong and proactive member of the industry to foster improvement in sustainability and promote responsible and sustainable practices throughout the aluminum value chain.

– Keith A. Harvey, President and CEO

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