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ASI welcomes Lee Kee Group as new General Supporter member

ASI is pleased to announce that Lee Kee Group has joined as a new General Supporter member, bringing the total number of members to 140.

About Lee Kee Group

Established in 1947, Lee Kee Group is a leading solutions provider for metals in Greater China and countries in ASEAN region. Every year, we provide base metals, standard alloys, special alloys and a variety of non-ferrous metals that hundreds of renowned brands rely on to deliver quality products all over the world. With the experience of serving more than 20 industries, our metallurgists, technical consultants, financial analysts and marketers understand and cater to our customers’ needs. Our integrated services help enhance our customers’ market competitiveness while promoting the overall development of the metals industry.

Lee Kee is the first company in Greater China to be admitted as a Category 5 Associate Trade Member of London Metal Exchange (LME). As a major supplier of import diecast alloys in Greater China, Lee Kee incorporates sustainable practices and initiatives into our operations while creating greater value to our customers through our innovative products and services. We collaborate with our customers, suppliers and our people to formulate and implement long-term sustainability strategy. Together, we will address our common, global environmental challenges and make a positive impact on society.

At Lee Kee, sustainability is integral to our business. Our policies and consistent implementation of environmentally and socially responsible measures demonstrate our commitment towards sustainable development. We are proud to join ASI in their efforts to support the aluminium sector to promote best practices in environmental, social and governance, ensuring sustainability and responsibility in every stage of aluminium’s value chain.

– Ms. Clara Chan, CEO of Lee Kee Group

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