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10 May 2024

ASI is pleased to announce that Link Decorative Designs has joined as a Downstream Supporter member.

About Link Decorative Designs

Link Powder Coating has been in business for over 35 years, proudly providing Quality Powder Coating services in Australia. We have expanded our product offerings to include Wood Grain and other custom Sublimation services. Link Decorative Designs provides you the largest range of Powder Coating and Woodgrain sublimation warranty system in Australia for both Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals with our state of the art production facility in Kings Park, NSW. We take the utmost pride in our quality workmanship and in providing first class friendly customer service to all our customers. We serve a wide variety of industries including Automotive, Industrial and Domestic Construction, Medical, Office, Agricultural and even to the domestic consumer.

As leaders at Link Decorative Designs, we recognize the pivotal role aluminium plays in shaping the future of manufacturing and sustainability. Joining ASI allows us to access invaluable resources and collaborate with like-minded organizations to ensure that our aIuminium initiatives prioritize environmental conservation, worker safety, and community well-being. By leveraging ASI’s expertise and guidance, we aim to implement aluminium solutions that not only enhance our operational efficiency but also contribute positively to the broader social and ecological landscape.

– Pankaj Varsani, Director of Link Decorative Designs

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