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ASI welcomes Mitsubishi Corporation RtM International as new General Supporter member

ASI is pleased to announce that Mitsubishi Corporation RtM International has joined as a new General Supporter member, bringing the total number of ASI members to 148.

About Mitsubishi Corporation RtM International

Mitsubishi Corporation RtM International (RtM International) is the global headquarters for the Metals and Mineral Resources Trading business of Mitsubishi Corporation (MC).

Since its establishment in 2013, we have steadily imprinted our global presence within the industry by offering tailor-made trading solutions to our partners. Our strength lies in our creative approach to meet customers’ needs by fully leveraging our market intelligence, human capital, MC’s upstream assets, and access to MC’s business network across virtually every industry and global network of over 200
offices in over 90 countries.

RtM, standing for Resource to Market, symbolizes our genuine will and commitment to contribute to the sustainable development of society by meeting the market needs for a stable supply of quality minerals and metal resources.

Moving forward, as RtM International enters its next phase, we will be putting efforts in developing the foundations for further business growth while meeting evolving market needs. Our continuous quest for value creation will include enhancing our business models and extending our outreach along the metal and mineral resources value chain.

Mitsubishi Corporation RtM is pleased to become a supporting member of Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI).  The ASI community is creating a clear set of rules in the aluminium supply chain and is leading the industry into a greener and more sustainable future.  As an active participant throughout the aluminium value chain globally, Mitsubishi Corporation RtM is fully committed to the values and objectives set out by ASI.  As one of the world leading aluminium traders, we will work closely with the ASI community and act as an active catalyst to promote the ASI standards in the aluminium industry for a better world tomorrow.

– Koichiro Takagi, Global Head, Aluminium Division, Mitsubishi Corporation RtM International Pte. Ltd.

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