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ASI welcomes Owl’s Head Alloys as new Production & Transformation member

ASI is pleased to announce that Owl’s Head Alloys has joined as a new Production & Transformation member, bringing the total number of members to 144.

About Owl’s Head Alloys

At Owl’s Head Alloys, we are committed to providing your business with expert service, unparalleled access, and exceptional recovery rates that will increase your efficiencies and prevent losses.

A leading provider of most aluminum alloys, including automotive 380 and automotive body sheet, our primary service is melting aluminum products and by-products into sow, ingot or molten form.

Owl’s Head Alloys is joining ASI to support its customers that are deeply involved in aluminum smelting, casting, rolling, extruding, recycling, and fabrication across the US and North America. As a leading aluminum smelter, OHA recognizes the need for credible sustainability standards across the entire aluminum supply chain in which it actively participates. OHA understands the critical importance of minimizing the impacts related to the environment through continuous improvements to the processes and operations required to produce our products.

– Michael J. Boyle – President

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