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ASI welcomes Raffmetal and Fondital as joint-members in Production and Transformation Class

ASI is pleased to announce that two companies, Raffmetal and Fondital, have joined ASI as joint-members in the Production and Transformation Class. ASI now has 92 companies working towards a more responsible aluminium value chain.

Raffmetal, since the beginning of its activity in 1979, sets itself as the largest and most dynamic manufacturer of aluminium alloys in Italy, processing recycled materials. The company can provide both aluminium in a liquid state and in ingots through a continuous casting system. With an annual productive capacity of over 250,000 tons and 3 production plants, Raffmetal meets the needs of international customers that operate in various sectors such as: automotive, construction, mechanical and electromechanical, engineering and household appliances.

Fondital is the first manufacturer of die-cast aluminium radiators worldwide as well as the international leader in heating systems. This is the result of the focus on sustainable innovation in R&D, production renewal related to the study of the products, constant development and training of human resources and attention to the well-being of its employees. Fondital establishes with the customers a strategic partnerships that go beyond the simple supplier-client relationship, maintaining focus on environmental sustainability.

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