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7 March 2024

ASI is pleased to announce that SAINT JEAN INDUSTRIES S.A.S has joined as a new Production & Transformation member.


Since its creation in 1962, the Saint Jean Industries Group has developed from a foundryman to a blacksmith, then from a machinist to an assembler. The evolution of our group is linked to a policy of continuous improvement in line with the needs of our customers. This is why manufacturers recognize the know-how and quality of our components throughout the world, in various industries, such as automotive, aeronautics, energy, chemicals, etc. Saint Jean Industries plants are located in different regions of the world (Europe, North America and Asia) in order to be as close as possible to its customers. Saint Jean Industries S.A.S located in France is specialized in design and manufacturing of aluminium chassis / suspension parts for electric vehicles. SJI SAS is the headquarters of the group and the cradle of COBAPRESS™

Saint Jean Industries wants to participate in a cleaner world, using less resources, less energy and less time. To demonstrate this involvement and to help us to reach this target, Saint Jean Industries wants to join ASI and start the process to achieve the Performance Standard Certification for our headquarter in Belleville, France first before deploying this certification all around the world.

– Hervé Véricel, VP Business Development & Advanced Engineering

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