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27 May 2024

ASI is pleased to announce that Shanghai Yongmaotai Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. has joined as a new Industrial User member.

About Shanghai Yongmaotai Automotive Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Yongmaotai Automotive Technology Co., LTD. (A share code: 605208) is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of automotive aluminium alloy and aluminium alloy parts. After years of development, it has initially formed a business pattern with “casting aluminium alloy + auto parts” as the main business and the integration of upstream and downstream development. After nearly two decades of deep cultivation in the cast aluminium industry chain, Shanghai Yongmaotai has developed from the production and sales of high-performance cast aluminum alloys for automotive use into a comprehensive enterprise group based on the supply of high-performance cast aluminium alloys for automotive use, focusing on the casting, processing and sales of precision parts for downstream automotive aluminium alloys. It has four production bases and eight production plants in Shanghai Qingpu, Anhui Guangde, Shandong Yantai and Sichuan Chengdu.

Yongmaotai is committed to becoming a leader in the R&D and application of lightweight aluminum alloys, adhering to the core values of innovation and excellence. It has created an integrated upstream and downstream business pattern of “casting aluminium alloy – direct aluminium liquid supply – automobile parts,” driven by technological innovation and guided by customer needs, persistently providing customers with the required high-end aluminium alloy raw materials, products, and customized services.

– Daoyuan Li, Quality Assurance Director

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