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ASI welcomes Speira as new Production and Transformation member

ASI is pleased to announce that Speira has joined as a new Production and Transformation member, bringing the total number of ASI Members to 208.

About Speira

Speira is a global aluminium rolling and recycling company. Speira operations are built on over a century of aluminium rolling and recycling experience and technical expertise for aluminium products. Speira stands for the circularity of production, usage and recycling, again and again. At Speira we follow a holistic strategy with a clear set of priorities to minimize our product’s environmental footprint throughout their life cycle. This includes reducing the environmental impact of our production activities and using business opportunities to enable our customers do the same. Furthermore, we support a wide range of activities to promote resource efficient aluminium products and increase the recycling of used ones.

“As an ASI member, Speira is looking forward to cooperating with industry partners to further develop and promote aluminium as the sustainable metal of the future. Renewing our Performance and Chain of Custody certifications clearly illustrates Speira’s commitment to our employees, customers and stakeholders to become the industry benchmark in sustainability.”

– Shamus Donovan –  Head of Sustainability, Energy & Environment

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