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ASI welcomes two Independent Directors to the ASI Board

Two Independent Directors appointed

ASI is delighted to announce that two Independent Directors have now been appointed to the ASI Board, completing the Board’s composition in line with the ASI Constitution. ASI’s two new Directors are:

  • Heather Campbell, Chairman of the Board of Sustainability Victoria and General Manager Health, Safety and Environment at CSIRO. She has been a Director of Earthwatch Institute Australia and Melbourne Polytechnic, and the CEO of Landcare Australia. She has over twenty years experience managing risk issues such as reputation, sustainability, environment, safety and government relations at the highest levels both locally and internationally within the agricultural, paper and packaging industries. Her specialties include strategy, risk management, safety, environment and sustainability, government liaison, and branding and marketing.
  • Dr Sasha Courville, Head of Social Innovation at National Australia Bank. Sasha was previously the Executive Director of the ISEAL Alliance from 2005-2012, and has been a member of the Board of Directors and Treasurer for Water Stewardship Australia. She brings expertise in next generation sustainability standards systems and online information platforms and tools to enhance access to information about standards, and extensive experience in strategy, multi-stakeholder engagement, natural capital and ecosystems services frameworks and shared value initiative design.

Sam Brumale and Fiona Solomon have stepped down from their roles as transitional Directors with the appointment of the Independent Directors, and Fiona’s title has changed from Executive Director to Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

With the ASI Board now fully constituted, it has resolved to elect Daniel Weston, General Counsel and Global Head of CSV (Creating Shared Value) at Nestlé Nespresso, as the Chair of the Board until the 2017 AGM.

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