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ASI welcomes UACJ Corporation as new Production & Transformation member

ASI is pleased to announce that UACJ Corporation has joined as a Production & Transformation member, bringing the total number of members working towards a responsible aluminium value chain to 125.

About UACJ Corporation

UACJ supplies products that are indispensable for people’s lives, communities and society. Leveraging its diverse technologies and manufacturing capabilities, UACJ makes the most of aluminum’s unique properties to meet customers’ needs with comprehensive solutions.

Our principal business is to manufacture rolling products, extruded products, casting products, forged products and precision-machined products of nonferrous metals, including aluminum and alloys thereof. UACJ Group strives to maximize the possibilities of aluminum in ways that contribute to society and the environment, and ensure a stable supply of eco-friendly aluminum while reducing the environmental load of manufacturing operations.

For almost a century, we have dedicated ourselves to Aluminum related production. UACJ’s mission is to contribute to society by using materials to manufacture products that enhance prosperity and sustainability. To this end, by joining the ASI UACJ will positively provide operational feedback on the formulation of global standards in the aluminum industry. In addition, by supporting ASI’s activities through its standing as a member, UACJ will contribute toward a more sustainable society.

– Katsuyasu Niibori, Chief Executive, Corporate Strategy Division / Director Member of the Board, Managing Executive Officer

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