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ASI welcomes United Integration for Metal Extrusion & Coating W.L.L as new Production & Transformation member

ASI is pleased to announce that United Integration for Metal Extrusion & Coating W.L.L (Integrated Extrusion©) has joined as a new Production & Transformation member, bringing the total number of ASI Members to 160.

About Integrated Extrusion©

United Integration for Metal Extrusion and Coating (Integrated Extrusion©) is a multi-national Shareholding Company established in 1996. Specializing in Aluminum Extrusions and Metal Industries.

Integrated Extrusion© has become a leading manufacturer and one of the largest in the extrusion sector. Providing high capacity, technical support, engineering, and high-end quality products. It is a cutting-edge organization with a combination of highly skilled personnel, pioneering in aluminum extrusions, backed up by advanced technologies.

With its multi productions and servicing facilities located in Kuwait, Qatar, and Technical & Sales facilities in Bahrain and Italy. The Company is capable to provide from simple architectural section to large-scale, complex shape industrial profiles.

Our products are widely used in diverse segments, ranging from construction to consumer durables and other industrial applications. We are keeping abreast of the latest technology advances, to cope up in all application segments as well as the changing nature of consumer needs. We also pay high attention to secure continuous research and development that enable us to offer quality and durable products to meet the exact end-user requirements.

We aim to meet the Optimal Customer’s Satisfaction, building and strengthening their trust.

With the continuous expansion and incessant additions of new products, Integrated Extrusion© is an Ideal Partner to Success.

We aim to join a global family that contributes to have a lower emission footprint and deliver to the world sustainable products.

– Abdullah Al Misbah,CEO

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