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12 May 2022

ASI is pleased to announce that Yunnan Aluminium Co. Ltd. has joined as a Production and Transformation member.

About Yunnan Aluminium Co. Ltd.

Yunnan Aluminium Co., Ltd was founded in 1970 and listed in 1998 (Stock Code: 000807). In December 2018, Yunnan Aluminium Co., Ltd officially became a member of Aluminium Corporation of China (Chinalco). It won the honor of National Environmental Friendly Enterprise and National Green Factory and was honored as National Civilized Entity for six consecutive sessions. It was listed on the Fortune China 500 list for several times. Yunnan Aluminium Co., Ltd is a green and low-carbon aluminium company with complete industry chain.

Over the years, Yunnan Aluminium Co., Ltd has been committed to the policy of green and low-carbon development. It followed the philosophy of building a green, low-carbon, clean and sustainable integrated aluminium industry to establish a whole industrial chain combined bauxite, alumina, aluminium smelting, aluminium deep-processing and carbon product for aluminium use. Under this condition, resource guarantee became an important competitive advantage of Yunnan Aluminium Co., Ltd.

At present, industries of Yunnan Aluminium Co., Ltd are located in six prefectures of Yunnan Province. It is a major supplier of hydropower aluminium in domestic market, a major manufacturer of ultra-thin aluminium foil in China and a national industry standard maker of casting aluminium alloy ingot. Its high-grade, customized and standardized aluminium ingots and aluminium materials are widely used in defense and military industry, aerospace, rail transportation, electronics industry and other fields, of which, A356 casting aluminium alloy has maintained its leading position at domestic market.

“As a practitioner of “green and low-carbon aluminum” development in China, Joining ASI is our firm commitment to adhere to the road of green and low-carbon development and a new opportunity for us to enhance the corporate image of “capable, responsible and sustainable”. We sincerely look forward to working with ASI and its participants to make greater contributions to the sustainable development of the aluminum industry.”

– Zhengji Zhang, Chairman

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