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ASI launches ‘Story of Change’ Series

ASI publishes stories of change on the ground

Since the first certification was achieved against the ASI Performance Standard in April 2018, we have been collecting anecdotal evidence and feedback from ASI Members as to how their implementation of the ASI Standards and process of certification has created change in their activities and real impact on the ground. This evidence is continuously being assessed, refined and expanded through on-site investigation and interviews. The compilation of these inputs is now being used to create stories for ASI’s ‘Story of Change’ Series.

Two years later, with more than 50 certifications achieved, we have a solid body of implementation experience to draw from.  In most of the third-party audits to date, it appears that ASI Members that have undergone certification have been near or at conformance levels for most of the applicable ASI Standard/s criteria.  Nevertheless, Members have frequently found that, during the process of preparing for the audit, new light has been shed on opportunities to improve their performance.

It is these stories of new ideas and activities that have been undertaken by ASI Members as an outcome of their ASI Standard implementation that we will be publishing in the Stories of Change.

The first ASI Story of Change reveals how Emirates Global Aluminium, as an outcome their certification process, saw an opportunity and took action to formalise their protection of critically endangered hawksbill turtles that nest at the shoreline nearby their Al Taweelah facility in Dubai. The second Story is already under development.

We hope readers will enjoy reading these stories of change on the ground!

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