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Chimbo Foundation is ASI’s newest Civil Society member

chimbo-logo-mpASI is delighted to announce that the Chimbo Foundation has joined as a Civil Society member. The objectives of Chimbo are the conservation and where necessary restoration of the chimpanzee population in West Africa and the natural environment in which they live.

The Board of Chimbo Foundation has decided to join the ASI because we welcome initiatives of companies to diminish their footprint and want to support them by making our knowledge and expertise available. Chimbo’s mission is the conservation of the West African chimpanzees and their habitat. Guinea Bissau wants to develop bauxite mining in the area of the country where we work. This is an extra incentive for our active participation in the ASI. We have also contributed to the predecessor of the ASI: Responsible Aluminium, and to a committee of ICMM that investigated the performance of its members on their commitment to reduce the impact on biodiversity of their activities,” says Annemarie Goedmakers, President.

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