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Dr Fiona Solomon

Fiona is the Chief Executive Officer of the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI), which she joined in March 2015 with the responsibility for leading the development and implementation of ASI’s strategy and operations.

Her career has specialised in building new and innovative initiatives in mineral supply chains over more than twenty years.  She was previously Director – Standards Development at the Responsible Jewellery Council from 2007 to 2015, where she developed a certification program for gold, diamonds and platinum group metals which has been adopted by more than 1000 companies across the supply chain from mine to retail.  She has served as a Board Member of the ISEAL Alliance and a founding member of the OECD’s Multi-Stakeholder Steering Group for responsible mineral supply chains.  From 1997, Fiona worked for ten years at Australia’s CSIRO, leading research into mining and sustainability, and was also seconded to WWF to manage a multi-stakeholder project on the feasibility of mine-site certification.  She has a Bachelors degree (Hons 1) in mechanical engineering, a PhD in philosophy of technology, and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

  • Email: fiona (at)
  • Skype:flsolomon

Mark Annandale
ASI Indigenous Peoples Advisory Forum Advisor

Mark joined ASI in April 2021 and is based in Australia. As ASI’s Indigenous Peoples Advisory Forum (IPAF) Advisor, he is responsible for leading the development and activities of IPAF and other ASI projects related to Indigenous Peoples and affected communities connected with the aluminium value chain.

Mark’s career has focussed on sustainable development as the interface between Indigenous community development, community forestry and mining operations. He has over 20 years’ experience in environmental management, community forestry, engaging with Indigenous people, cross cultural communication, cultural heritage management and acting as the lead for negotiations between Indigenous communities and mining projects. Mark has worked on sustainability initiatives and research projects to further develop certification standards, including ecosystem services certification with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). He was a member of the FSC Australia Standards Committee that drafted the FSC Australia Standard and is a current Board member of FSC Australia New Zealand.

An environmental scientist and community forestry specialist with Australian and international experience, he has worked with Indigenous communities in developing environmental bauxite mine rehabilitation strategies. Over the past 6 years he has developed and led a number of research for development projects with Indigenous communities aimed at building capacity and increasing participation in the bauxite mining and forestry sectors. The research outcomes include an increased communication between Indigenous peoples, the mining sector and government to support Free Prior and Informed Consent principles and more sustainable bauxite mining operations. Mark has worked with the ASI Indigenous Peoples Advisory Forum from its first meeting in Malaysia in 2016, providing a technical support and facilitation role since then.

  • Email: mark (at)

Chris Bayliss
Director of Standards

Chris Bayliss joined ASI in May 2021 and is based in London. As Director of Standards, he leads the ongoing development and implementation of ASI Standards to promote the responsible production, sourcing and stewardship of aluminium.

With degrees in archaeology and anthropology from the University of Cambridge and the University of London, Chris’s interest has always been in the intersection and interdependence of ecological potential (“nature”), human institutions (“culture”), socio-economic praxis (individual relationships) and time. The crises of modernity are rooted in the misalignment of these enablers of human well-being.

Chris has two decades of experience in the sustainability of the aluminium sector. In various roles at the International Aluminium Institute, Chris led the development and implementation of science based approaches to improving occupational health and well-being, reducing sector wide greenhouse gas emissions and maximising the enabling potential of aluminium products in sustainable socio-economic systems (

Chris is British, with English mother-tongue and a smattering of French, Hindi/Urdu and Mandarin.

  • Email: chris (at)

Laura Brunello
Program Support

Laura is based in The Hague, Netherlands, and joined ASI in January 2021. She is responsible for membership applications and procedures, and supports the work towards standards benchmarking and harmonisation workstreams.

Originally from France but having grown up in The Hague, she pursued a Bachelor in social geography and a master in International Environmental Law at the University of Nottingham, with a particular focus on marine biodiversity conservation. Before joining ASI, she held a similar position at European Aluminium, involving communications with, and acquisition of members for the European Aluminium Association. She is fluent in French, Italian and English and proficient in Dutch, with some notions of Spanish as well.

  • Email: laura (at)

Penda Diallo
Qualitative Research Manager

Penda is based in the United Kingdom and joins ASI as Qualitative Research Manager. She has over ten years of experience working in academia, research, international development, and consultancy on issues at the intersection between, sustainable development, mining, conflict, security, and development.

Before joining ASI, Penda was a Lecturer in sustainable mining at the Camborne School of Mines, University of Exeter, for four years.  Before her academic role, Penda was Senior Resilience Advisor at CARE International-UK, providing technical support and project development assistance on resilience-building projects in various CARE country programmes, including Niger, Nepal, Somaliland, South Sudan, and Haiti. Previously, she was a livelihood and governance advisor, where she worked on natural resource management projects in Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Cameroon. Penda worked as an environmental consultant for AECOM and in research and communications roles for the Conflict, Security and Development Group in King’s College London and Helen Keller Worldwide in Guinea.

Penda’s research work has focused on the role of mining and natural resources in state formation, community mobilization, and community participation processes. Her research has been published in various outlets, including journals, policy briefs, and news analysis and books, including Regime Stability, Social Insecurity and Bauxite Mining in Guinea – Developments Since the Mid-Twentieth Century. Penda’s approach to research is interdisciplinary and she has worked with various stakeholders in the mining industry across different countries.

Penda holds a Ph.D. from the University of Edinburgh, School of Social and Political Sciences, focusing on the impact of bauxite and diamond mining on development and politics in West Africa. Penda is Fulani and Zerma native speaker who is fluent in French, English, and Sussu.

  • Email: penda (at)

Chinelo Etiaba
Membership Director

Chinelo joined ASI in September 2021 and is based in London. As the Membership Director, she is responsible for leading membership growth, retention and general engagement strategies, and working with the ASI team on the enabling resources to support achievement of ASI’s broader strategies.

With over 18 years’ experience in the corporate membership sector, she has a flair for managing relationships. Her career has specialised in developing and embedding pragmatic customer focussed approaches to keep members at the heart of decision making. She was most recently Director, Membership Services at the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), where she developed engagement strategies including key account management processes and procedures which culminated in a 93% retention rate and an increased uptake in new member certifications. She pioneered the “member-love” approach which drove integration across multiple departments and ensured the needs of the diverse membership were met within the boundaries of the organisation’s values, policies and capacity.

She has served on the membership committee for the ISEAL Alliance and was a member of the management committee for the Lewisham Multi-Lingual Advice Service for nine years. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, a Master’s degree In Development Studies and leadership and management accreditations from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).  She is fluent in English and Igbo with a smattering of Yoruba on the side.

  • Email: chinelo (at)

Michelle Freesz
Administration Manager

Michelle is based in Melbourne, Australia. She is responsible for ASI administration, including finance, general administration, and database management.

Originally from Brazil, she has held a range of roles in accounting, office administration, customer service and government inspections for business compliance.  She holds a bachelors degree in history, a post-graduate degree in ecotourism, and a diploma in accounting. Michelle is fluent in English and Portuguese, and does well in Spanish and French.

  • Email: michelle (at)
  • Tel:  +61 3 9857 8008

Cameron Jones
Director of Assurance

Cameron is based in Canberra, Australia and joined ASI in January 2020 as Director of Assurance.

He is an environmental scientist with 20 years’ experience in HSEC performance standards, management systems, auditing and assurance, risk assessments, strategic reviews, and non-financial reporting. He also has extensive on-the-ground experience with biodiversity action planning, land and rehabilitation management and closure planning, including direct experience working in the aluminium value chain with bauxite mining, alumina refining and aluminium smelting operations. In recent years, Cameron has run his own sustainability management consultancy, and prior to that was with Rio Tinto for seven years as a senior environmental advisor working as both a corporate and business unit advisory and support role. Previously he was with URS Australia consulting to a variety of major multi-national organisations.

Cameron has in-country project experience in Australia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Brazil, France, Guinea, Madagascar, Mozambique, New Zealand, Peru, South Africa and United States. Cameron is degree qualified in both environmental management and earth science, with professional experience also including health and safety and communities/social programs and initiatives.

  • Email: cameron (at)

Camille Le Dornat
Learning Manager

Camille is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She is responsible for managing ASI’s learning and capacity building program.

Originally from France, she holds a Master in Business Management and a Master of Science in Creative Business and Social Innovation. Before joining ASI, she has experience working in local and international organizations on environment protection and sustainable development issues (including in the energy, forestry and tourism fields). She is a French native speaker and is fluent in English.

  • Email: camille (at)

Sprina Liu 
ASI China Contact

Sprina is based in Beijing, China. She acts as a key contact point for ASI in China and is fluent in Chinese and English. She handles general enquiries and requests about ASI in China and extends ASI’s communications via Chinese translations and updates to ASI’s WeChat account.

She has many years working experience in the aluminium industry, covering information consulting, marketing analysis, trading and administration, etc. In 2013, she joined Sunlight Metal Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. as assistant to the general manager, and has a Masters degree in Management from Massey University in New Zealand.

  • Email: asi-china (at)

Thad Mermer 
Communications Manager 

Thad has been working with ASI since 2013 and is based in Stuttgart, Germany. He is responsible for ASI’s communications.

Originally from Canada, Thad has worked over 20 years in various capacities with the United Nations and other international organizations on environmental protection and sustainable development issues, including cleaner production, industrial ecology, life cycle thinking, green building, disaster awareness and preparedness, and sustainable tourism. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Master’s degree in Development Economics / Sustainable Development from Dalhousie University. He is an English native speaker, fluent in French and German, with a smattering of Spanish and Turkish on the side.

  • Email: thad (at)

Klaudia Michalska 
Impacts Analyst 

Originally from Poland, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Geography from the University of Warsaw and a Master’s degree in Earth Sciences, Environmental Management from the University of Amsterdam. Thanks to her past roles she has a knowledge on sustainability reporting, climate change and energy, and understanding of relationships between environmental sustainability, climate change, social and economic issues. She has experience in developing analytical frameworks. She is a Polish native speaker, fluent in English, comfortable in Dutch.

  • Email: klaudia (at)

Marieke van der Mijn
Director of Impacts and Partnerships

Marieke is based in The Hague, Netherlands. She is responsible for the ongoing development and implementation of ASI’s impacts and Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) program, and will support ASI’s broader organisational partnerships, collaborations and stakeholder engagement.

Marieke’s background lies in the development and implementation of standards, certification and impact evaluation systems in mineral and metal supply chains. Previously she worked at the Responsible Jewellery Council where she managed RJC’s certification and M&E work programs. She was actively engaged in the planning, internal research, outreach and collaborations with key stakeholders for impacts research, particularly looking at mid-scale gold mining. Her most recent role was at Bettercoal, where she led the review and implementation of the new coal supplier Assessment System. She established a multi-stakeholder Technical & Advisory Committee to complete this work through consultative and consensus-building processes over a two-year review period.

Marieke holds a Masters in Environment, Development and Policy from the University of Sussex and a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Cultural and Social Anthropology from the University of Amsterdam. She is a Dutch native speaker, fluent in English, and has a working level of Spanish and German.

  • Email: marieke (at)

Carolyn Muscat 
elementAl Manager

Carolyn is based in Melbourne, Australia and is responsible for the implementation and ongoing functionality of the ASI assurance platform, elementAl.

Carolyn has over seventeen years of experience in the Information Technology industry ranging from working for large services and development organisations to project based consulting engagements. Her experience includes the back-end development and implementation of online environments using a variety of software and tools, beginning from the time when web sites were ‘new’. She has also designed, implemented and maintained an audit database to record, track outstanding items and generate reports on audit outcomes and developed the tools to streamline the completion of audits and management of outcomes.

Carolyn holds a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Science (Computer Science) from RMIT.

  • Email: carolyn (at)

Tianyi Ou 
elementAl Development and Support

Tianyi is based in Melbourne, Australia. He is responsible for the development of elementAl and providing support to elementAl users.

Originally from China, Tianyi holds a Master’s degree in Information Technology from the University of Melbourne and a Bachelor’s degree in Information System. He has experience performing full-stack development mainly on RESTful APIs and databases. He is fluent in Chinese and English.

  • Email: tianyi (at)

Natalie Sharp 
Certifications Manager

Natalie is based in Melbourne, Australia and is responsible for managing the growing portfolio of certifications, delivering technical support on certification and assurance processes and providing oversight activities to support the integrity and impartiality of an ASI certification.

She has a Bachelor of Science (Environmental Management) and qualifications in environmental auditing and occupational health and safety and has a long history in managing industry-based sustainability certification programs, most recently for the urban development and automotive industries. Having also worked in state government, not for profit organisations and in the consulting industry, has provided advice on best practice environmental management in planning and development, building products manufacture and transport infrastructure.

Natalie is passionate about helping organisations mature their environmental and social responsibility journey with an emphasis on embracing credible tools which contribute to achieving sustainability goals and demonstrating outcomes to stakeholder groups.

  • Email: natalie (at)

Krista-Bay West 
Standards Adviser

Krista is based in Ottawa, Canada, and has taken on the role of Standards Adviser to support the revision and implementation of ASI’s Standards.

With a background in social auditing in a natural resource management context, Krista specialises in the establishment and delivery of certification services for environmental and social standards systems. Krista was responsible for establishing a certification system that would ensure assessments against the Cornerstone Standard Council’s (a Canadian sustainability standard focusing on aggregate extraction) Standards was consistent, impartial, transparent, rigorous and accessible to all. While with Rainforest Alliance Krista oversaw a certification program that included over 40 million hectares of FSC certified forests and 400 FSC Chain of Custody certificates. She has a Bachelor of Science in Forestry and a Masters of Public Administration.

  • Email: krista (at)