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CRU Group adds rolling mill emissions dataset in Emissions Analysis Tool

ASI’s data transparency partner, CRU Group, has added a new rolling mill emissions dataset in its Emissions Analysis Tool. The addition of this data, combined with the existing ASI Performance Standard and Chain of Custody Standard certification layers, enables the tool’s users to better assess and gain insights into the emissions profiles of their customers, suppliers, partners and products.

CRUs Emissions Analysis Tool contains data for 100% of global production for Bauxite mines, Alumina Refineries, Aluminium smelters and 90%+ for Rolling Mills. New rolling mill data contains product level emissions data for Building Sheet, Bright Sheet, Brazing Sheet, Plate, 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, Auto Body, Auto Structural, Foil Stock & Can Stock.

Investors and policymakers, buyers and industrial users of aluminium are increasingly demanding access to asset level data on emissions performance today in order to seek opportunities to decarbonise in the future. They also want assurance that the assets of interest are addressing wider environmental, social and governance concerns, which ASI Certification confers to the 35% of all rolling mills that are currently ASI Performance Standard certified. This combination of data and sustainability performance information is made possible via the Emissions Analysis Tool and ASI’s ongoing collaboration with CRU Group.

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