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11 June 2024

The Circularity Working Group (CWG) convened on 8th May 2024 to focus on enhancing design for circularity, in line with criterion 4.2 of the Performance Standard. The meeting highlighted the integration of circular economy principles into product design, aiming to improve sustainability throughout the lifecycle of aluminium products. The following circular economy outcome categories were proposed and discussed: 

  • Design strategies for circular outcomes: The focus is on designing products to be reusable, modular, durable, and easy to disassemble. This design philosophy aims to facilitate the integration of products into circular pathways and ensure that materials transition smoothly into new life cycles once they reach the end of their current use. 
  • Material dynamics for circularity: The use of recycled or renewable materials is emphasized to drive market demand for such resources and help close the loop, reducing the reliance on and impacts of virgin material use. Additionally, materials that can retain value over multiple cycles are prioritized to improve the sustainability of products. 
  • Knowledge and information sharing: There is an emphasis on ensuring that all organizational levels understand the circular potential of products. This involves identifying opportunities and solutions for enhancing the cycling of resources. Furthermore, making information on end-of-use product handling publicly available supports effective material recovery. 
  • Chemical and material transparency: There is a commitment to increasing the disclosure of a product’s material and chemical composition to better assess potential risks and support the development of safer chemical handling practices. Efforts are also in place to mitigate risks associated with hazardous chemicals and emissions in the supply chain, with progress being tracked and reported. 

These outcomes collectively aim to embed circular economy principles deeply within the product lifecycle, from design through to end-of-use, enhancing sustainability practices across the board. The discussions are a step toward the development of a working paper that will better guide the implementation of criterion 4.2. Participants are encouraged to provide feedback and actively engage in the forthcoming subgroup meeting scheduled for July 2024. 

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