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9 May 2024

The Circularity Working Group (CWG) met on 24th April 2024 to discuss the integration of circular economy practices within the bauxite mining and alumina refining sectors.

The meeting centred on developing circular economy strategies specifically for bauxite mine closure planning, with a focus on enhancing environmental sustainability and delivering benefits to local communities. Key discussions from the meeting included:

  • The meeting reflected on the benefits of embedding circular economy principles at the beginning of the mining process to maintain ecological integrity and enable beneficial post-mining land use.
  • The group discussed the need for a systemic view throughout the mine’s lifecycle, emphasizing sustainable design, resource efficiency, and proactive stakeholder engagement from the initial stages.
  • The necessity to minimise the ecological footprint by selecting environmentally friendly machinery and optimizing resource use was highlighted. The discussion also covered potential future uses for mine infrastructure that align with circular economy goals.
  • Involving local communities and indigenous populations early in the planning process was identified as essential to ensure that mine closure plans are culturally appropriate.

CWG members provided feedback that pointed to the need for further exploration into the design of acceptance criteria, addressing the nuances of environmental contexts when choosing materials or technologies, and ensuring regulatory alignment in land management practices.

The next subgroup meeting is scheduled for June 2024. Those interested in contributing to the discussion on circularity are encouraged to participate. For more information or to express your interest in joining the CWG, please email


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