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Data & Research Insights

Latest info: 2024 // Project active since: 2018 

  • Articles published in ASI’s member and/or public newsletters and on the ASI website. 
  • Aim to present insights, analyses, evaluations and decision-making in relation to ASI’s programs, including Data and Research, aluminium and sustainability more broadly.  
  • Articles utilize internal data sources including but not limited to assurance data (audit reports), CoC data, surveys, interviews, focus group discussions, observations, site visits, field work activities, and external sources available through data sharing or public access.  
  • Publication of insights contributes to ASI’s short- and medium-term goals of driving multi-stakeholder learning, improvement and exchange through ASI programs, as well as accessibility of relevant data and metrics that can evidence change and gaps for goals. 

Regular publication of D&R insights allows ASI to provide analysis of data related to ASI sustainability priorities and associated long-term goals for climate, circularity, nature and human rights. It allows identification and monitoring trends over time by benchmarking ASI certified with non-certified cohorts. 

Learnings & recommendations

Regular publication of insights fosters transparency, encourages stakeholder engagement and identifies system improvement opportunities.  Specific recommendations relevant to each analysis are usually included in the published article.  

ASI reflections

Through the publication of results in support of multi-stakeholder learning we encourage stakeholders to provide feedback on research priorities to help focus on collaborative research topics. Contact:



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