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Definitive Constitution approved by ASI Members at AGM

At the members-only session of the Annual General Meeting, ASI members voted to adopt a definitive Constitution, replacing an initial short-form Constitution established for ASI’s initial incorporation. The new Constitution sets a firm foundation for future governance and decision-making within ASI involving its multi-stakeholder membership.

Among other operational details, the Constitution lists the ASI’s four guiding objects. It further sets out the 6 specific member classes and their respective voting power, aligned to ensure fairness and balance regardless of the number of members in a particular member class. The Constitution also sets out the minimum/maximum representation from specific member classes on the Board of Directors and Standards Committee, the latter of which also has mandated representation from the ASI’s Indigenous Peoples Advisory Forum.

Read the ASI Constitution.

ASI Constitution

ASI’s Constitution was adopted at the inaugural Annual General Meeting in April 2016.

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