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ASI Disclaimer

ASI Disclaimer

The audit represents an overview by an independent third-party auditor of the extent of compliance by the member with the nominated ASI Standard at the audited entity/site and at the point-in-time of the audit. It does not represent an audit of all safety, environmental, social and governance factors. The auditor is selected and engaged by the member from ASI Accredited Auditing Firms. The resulting audit report is provided to ASI to undertake a limited internal oversight assessment as described on ASI’s website, but ASI does not otherwise review the content or accuracy of the independent auditor’s findings. Any witness assessment that may be conducted by or on behalf of ASI is an on-site observation of Accredited Auditing Firms carrying out audits but does not represent a parallel or shadow audit by ASI. Accordingly, ASI makes no warranties or representations about the content, accuracy or completeness of any audit report or consequent certification of a member’s site by ASI.

The audit report and certification represent a summary and general overview of conformance against the nominated ASI Standards as assessed by the auditor at that time. The information is published to provide insight for stakeholders, but is not intended to be comprehensive or to be relied upon. ASI does not guarantee its on-going currency. At no stage does ASI accept responsibility for the failures, omissions or liabilities of any member and expressly disclaims the same. ASI will not be liable for any act or omission of the auditor or any act or omission by ASI in the certification process or any associated witness assessment. ASI is not responsible to anyone for any loss suffered in connection with the use of or reliance on the audit report (or a summary of it) or of certification of a member entity/site by ASI.

ASI does not endorse and is not responsible or liable for the availability, accuracy, and related content of any links to third-party websites or resources, nor for any statements by members relating to an audit or certification. ASI excludes, to the maximum extent permitted by law, any liability which may arise as a result of the use of this audit report or any summary or certification by ASI. To the extent permitted by law, ASI will not be liable for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential loss. This disclaimer should be construed in accordance with the laws of Australia.




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