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Discussions on Biodiversity and the ASI Standards continue

An update for ASI Stakeholders on the work and discussions on Biodiversity and Ecosystems Services

In 2017, a group of ASI Member organisations in the Civil Society member class initiated a discussion surrounding the treatment of biodiversity issues in the ASI Performance Standard. The conversation led to the establishment of the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Working Group, whose mandate was to continue the conversation and recommend changes to the Performance Standard and related Guidance for consideration by the ASI Standards Committee.

On 26 February 2018, the ASI Board issued a statement clarifying its perspectives on strengthening no-go requirements for mining and related activities in areas of high conservation value, and integrating the concept of ecosystem services in biodiversity assessment and management.

In December 2018, this conversation has continued, first, via an open letter from the ASI Members WWF, IUCN, and FFI, and a subsequent response from the ASI Board Chair and CEO of the ASI Secretariat.

We will continue to post updates to the discussion and progress on the work in this area.

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