Welcome to educationAl

educationAl is ASI’s learning program. It’s composed of two main components: in-person training and online learning.

In-person training

In-person training sessions take place throughout the year in locations around the world. The training is tailored to two groups: 1) auditors and 2) Members and interested stakeholders. Usually we work with an ASI Member as a partner when organising the sessions, so that we can offer an opportunity for a site visit at a local operation.

Online learning: Auditors

The auditors online training portal is a structured learning program with nine modules, quizzes, and upon completion, the possibility to write an accreditation exam. All auditors must complete the training and successfully pass the exam before conducting ASI Certification Audits.

Online learning: Members & Stakeholders

Online training for members is composed of three categories of webinars: fundamentAl, inspirationAl, and conversationAl. Each brings a different perspective on the ASI Standards and the certification program. The videos are all accessible on our Youtube channel.