Welcome to educationAl

educationAl is ASI’s new online learning platform. It brings together fundamentAl, inspirationAl, and conversationAl, each of which bring a different perspective on the ASI Standards and the certification program for responsible aluminium. Check out the educationAl intro video for more information.

Below you will find the list of existing and upcoming webinars within the three categories. If you have a suggestion for a topic we should cover, please contact us. New webinars will be announced on the ASI Twitter feed, so be sure to follow us.


The fundamentAl series provides a solid overview, while also delving into some essential details on the core elements of the ASI Standards and supporting normative documentation.


The inspirationAl webinars dig deeper into specific topics to reveal how the ASI Standards are applied and addressing the relevant issues along the aluminium value chain, or on specific functional elements of the certification program.