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26 March 2024

ASI Civil Society Member, RMI, has published four case studies on the pilot tests of their Steel and Aluminium GHG Emissions Reporting Guidance. The pilots were designed to test the guidance in various scenarios and identify improvement opportunities and included input from ASI Production & Transformation Members Alcoa and Hydro.

Key outcomes include:

  • The guidance established a common reporting method and standard data format to ensure consistency and comparability.
  • Participants gained an improved understanding of the drivers of emissions transparency and benefits of additional emissions metrics in reflecting decarbonization efforts.
  • The pilots served as learning opportunities for incorporating emissions data into decarbonization strategy, target setting, and sustainable procurement strategy.
  • The pilots promoted constructive supplier-customer conversations, increasing collaboration and joint problem solving on decarbonization.

Read the case studies in full here and RMI’s latest article here. Please contact RMI Climate Intelligence Program Managers Hao Wu and Wenjuan Liu to learn more.

World Aluminium 2024 Workshop (16 May): Enabling a 1.5 degree aligned aluminium sector – pathways, tools and guidance

Representatives of RMI’s Climate Intelligence Program will participate in an ASI moderated panel and workshop (see below) at the World Aluminium Conference 2024 in London on 14-16 May. ASI Members are eligible to receive a discount during the registration process. Please consult the latest ASI Member Update for details.

  • Pernelle Nunez, Deputy Secretary General/Director – Sustainability, International Aluminium Institute (IAI)
  • Chris Bayliss, Climate Change & Decarbonisation Director, Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI)
  • Wenjuan Liu, Manager, RMI
  • Hylla Barbosa, Associate, RMI

In this interactive session, attendees from across the value chain will have the opportunity to explore recently developed and published tools and guidance for a 1.5 degree aligned (net zero) aluminium sector, including:

Experts from IAI, ASI and RMI will be on hand to give insights and answer your questions on a variety of issues including GHG accounting methodologies, enablers and barriers to 1.5-degree alignment and the interplay of existing initiatives, standards and approaches.


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