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Join us for 45 MINUTES ON… ASI’s Indigenous Peoples Advisory Forum and its role in the ASI Standards Revision

Within the framework the ASI Standards Revision process, the IPAF consultation team has worked over the past few months to prepare a report on the outcomes of the Indigenous community consultations that took place in India, Guinea, Suriname, Ghana and Australia.

During the session, the IPAF consultation team will share insights into the consultation process and present the perspectives and feedback gathered during the consultation. Following the presentation, we look forward to the opportunity to field questions and engage participants in the discussion.

June 29 • 10pm AEST • 2pm CEST • 8am EDT | Register for the event

About the Indigenous Peoples Advisory Forum
In 2016, the ASI Board approved the Terms of Reference for the Indigenous Peoples Advisory Forum (IPAF) within the ASI Governance Handbook, a by-law to the ASI Constitution, and formally established the role and purpose of the Indigenous Peoples Advisory Forum within ASI’s broader governance structure.

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