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July 2021 Newsletter headlines

Here are the highlights from the latest newsletter edition:

New ASI Certification data layer added to CRU Emissions Analysis Too

Aluminium Stewardship Initiative and CRU Group (‘CRU’), the global mining, metals and fertiliser business intelligence company, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on sustainability data integration, with the first concrete outcome launched in July. The collaboration is designed to support stakeholders interested in the intersection between GHG emissions and broader sustainability performance under ASI Certification.
Read more.

M&E Insights: ASI Chain of Custody Material along the value chain shown in IAI Global Mass Flow model – 2020 update

ASI has published a second year of ASI Chain of Custody (CoC) flows data, visualised in the context of aluminium global supply and demand. In 2020, ASI CoC Material outputs translated to around 15% of global bauxite production, 7% of alumina, 3% of primary aluminium, 3% of fabricated goods, and 1% of Eligible Scrap. Read more.

Case study published: Gulkula — The Indigenous Mine Pioneering Sustainability in the Aluminium Supply Chain

What makes ASI Member Gulkula such a unique and leading example of a mining model that demonstrates how bauxite mining operations can be more sustainable? The answers lie in the case study published in July 2021, produced by the University of the Sunshine Coast. Read more.

IPAF Standards Revision consultation published

ASI-IPAF meetings have provided important opportunities for impacted communities to come together and share experiences. It was not possible to convene the annual cross-border in-person IPAF meetings during 2020 and 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, so ASI provided IPAF representatives with financial resources and technical support to carry out their own community consultations to feed into ASI’s Standards Revision in Australia, Ghana, Guinea, India, and Suriname. Read more.

ASI is recruiting a new Assurance Support colleague

ASI is currently seeking to expand its team with one new permanent and full-time role to work with the ASI assurance team. Application deadline is August 4. Readers are invited to share this post description with their networks as appropriate and relevant. Read more.

ASI Accredited Auditor exams: Analysis of results

ASI Accredited Auditors’ competence is a key component of the ASI certification program, ensuring the integrity and consistency of ASI certification outcomes across the world and the supply chain. Read more.

Watch recordings of our 45 minutes on… webinars

ASI holds a regular series of webinars to enhance dialogue and engagement opportunities. The recordings of these webinars are made available on our Youtube channel to all ASI stakeholders. Read more.

ASI Certifications update

In July, ASI Members achieved two new certifications, with several more in the announcement pipeline.

  • REAL ALLOY has achieved ASI Performance Standard certification for the recycling of aluminium scrap and production of recycled Aluminium alloys at its Deizisau, Germany plant, as well as at its European Headquarters in Grevenbroich, Germany. Consult the media release.
  • Novelis has achieved ASI Performance Standard certification for the recycling, remelting and manufacturing of aluminium coil and sheet at their Novelis Korea Limited plant at Yeongju, Korea. Consult the media release.

ASI Membership news

In July, ASI welcomed one Production & Transformation member, two Industrial User members and one Downstream Supporter member, bringing the total number of ASI members to 180. Read more.

  • Guangzhou Kingkee Metal Manufacture Co., Ltd.: Production & Transformation
  • Fairphone: Downstream Supporter
  • Canpack S.A.: Industrial User
  • TAHA International: Industrial User

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