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June 2021 Newsletter headlines

Here are the highlights from the latest newsletter edition:

10th anniversary of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs)

A decade ago this month, the UNGPs framed human rights due diligence as a key management tool for companies to ‘know and show’ that they respect human rights. Over the last ten years, the UNGPs have set an important foundation for initiatives like ASI, company implementation, growing stakeholder expectations, and, increasingly, legislation. Read more.

ACT Initiative helps companies align strategies with low-carbon pathways

The ACT (Assessing Low-Carbon Transition) Initiative aims to drive climate action globally by companies and to help them align their strategies with low-carbon pathways designed to achieve the Paris Agreement mitigation goal. ASI contributes to a multi-stakeholder technical committee that is developing a specific assessment methodology for the aluminium sector. Read more.

Dr Penda Diallo appointed as ASI’s Qualitative Research Manager

ASI is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Penda Diallo as our Qualitative Research Manager, commencing in September 2021.
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M&E Insights: Progress on Addressing Non-Conformances

Continual improvement among Certified Entities is a key short-term outcome that ASI expects to see, as a result of implementing our strategies as defined in our Theory of Change. Entities are required to prepare and implement appropriate Corrective Action Plans for all Non-Conformances that are identified during an Audit, and address the root cause to prevent recurrence of the finding. Read more.

Appeal for relief for India’s COVID-affected Indigenous communities

Many readers will be aware that India has been hard hit by a second COVID wave, with the international media widely reporting on the dire situation faced in many of India’s major cities. The situation in the country’s indigenous populations in more remote areas is less visible, but more serious due to the lack of essential health services. A call for solidarity and assistance has been made by India-based Indigenous Peoples Advisory Forum representative and ASI Standards Committee member, Father Nicholas Barla. Read more.

Watch recordings of our 45 minutes on… webinars

ASI holds a regular series of webinars to enhance dialogue and engagement opportunities. The recordings of these webinars are made available on our Youtube channel to all ASI stakeholders.
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ASI Certifications update

In June, ASI Members achieved two new certifications, with several more in the announcement pipeline.

  • Kaiser Aluminum has achieved ASI Performance Standard certification with Provisional status (ASI Interim COVID policy) for its Ingot casting centers, rolling mills and finishing production centers in Warrick County, Indiana, USA.
  • Slim Aluminium S.p.A. has achieved ASI Performance Standard certification for the manufacturing of aluminium alloys rolled products by remelting, casting, hot and cold rolling and heat treatments at its facility located near Rome, Italy.

ASI Membership news

In June, ASI welcomed four new Production & Transformation members bringing the total number of ASI members to 175. Read more.

  • Dadco Alumina and Chemicals Limited: Production & Transformation
  • Compagnie des Bauxites de Guinée: Production & Transformation
  • Ulsan Aluminum Limited: Production & Transformation
  • Chinalco-SWA Co., Ltd.: Production & Transformation

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