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Explore upcoming events where ASI will be participating.

ASEAN Aluminium Industry Conference 2024

Join ASI representatives at the ASEAN Aluminium Industry Conference 2024 for a panel discussion on “ESG Co-construction and Coordination in Global Critical Mineral Value Chain” featuring industry leaders from RMI, IRMA, and RCI. Gain insights into ESG standards and global mineral value chain coordination. Additionally, ASI’s Director of Assurance, Cameron Jones, will deliver a keynote speech on “Standard-Guided Development: Analysis of Global Green Aluminium Construction Standards” to guide the transition towards eco-friendly aluminium production.

Where: Mulia Senayan Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia
When: June 11 – 12, 2024


As part of the Indonesia Critical Minerals Conference 2024, the ASEAN Bauxite Industry Conference 2024 focuses on aluminium value chains, connecting industry experts and related practitioners worldwide.



Join ASI’s Climate Change and Decarbonisation Director, Chris Bayliss, at the 2nd ALU Insight – International Aluminium Industry Development Forum on July 3, from 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM, as he delivers his keynote address: “Transition to a Global Low-Carbon Aluminium Supply Chain: The Role of Standards and Certification.”

Where: Hall N4, Shanghai New International Expo Center
When: 03-05 July 2024


ALUMINIUM CHINA is a trade show and B2B platform for the aluminium industry and its main application sectors. They bring together new products, innovative technologies, advanced processes and future applications across the entire aluminium value chain.

They promote the sustainable development of the industry and expanding business opportunities for global aluminium industry professionals via annual face-to-face trade fair, insightful conference and forums, business matchmaking meetings, online seminars, international roadshows etc.



Fastmarkets International Aluminium 2024

Join ASI representative Chris Bayliss, Climate Change and Decarbonisation Director at the Fastmarkets International Aluminium 2024. Chris will be leading Workshop 2 on ASI’s GHG Emissions Pathway Method on Tuesday September 10 at 13:00. On Wednesday September 11 at 9:00, Chris will give a Spotlight Presentation on Maximising Circularity: The role of recycled aluminium in a circular economy.

Where: Athens, Greece
When: September 10-12, 2024


Join industry leaders to engage in discussions, gain insights from end users shaping demand and stay informed about advancements in technologies, processes, and opportunities presented by sustainable aluminium.

ASI will be leading the following sessions:

     1. Tuesday September 10, 13:00

Workshop 2: ASI’s GHG Emissions Pathway Method

On the back of ASI’s decision for 1.5 degree alignment, and in a move that turns ambition into (proof of) action, Version 3 of the ASI Performance Standard, published in 2022, calls for certifying ASI Entities (no matter where they sit on the aluminium value chain) to “establish a GHG Emissions Reduction Plan and ensure a GHG Emissions Reduction Pathway consistent with a 1.5 degree warming scenario, using an ASI-endorsed method, when available”.

Discover all the details around the GHG Emissions Pathway Method, which enables ASI Entities to articulate quantifiable aluminium-related GHG Emissions Reduction Pathways, specific to Entities/companies/assets under study, against which performance can be regularly measured and disclosed.

     2. Wednesday September 11, 9:00

Spotlight Presentation: Maximizing Circularity: The Role of Recycled Aluminium in a Circular Economy

Discover how recycled aluminium, with its energy-efficient production and high recyclability, plays a critical role in supporting transitions to a circular economy. Explore the global landscape of aluminium recycling, including the ratio of pre-consumer to post-consumer scrap, and learn about the principles and conditions for maximizing circularity, from efficient scrap collection and sorting systems to product design considerations for extended product life cycles. Join us to delve into the significance of recycled aluminium in achieving sustainable resource efficiencies and driving circular economy outcomes.






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