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Leveraging External Certifications

Latest info: 2023 // Project conducted: 2023 

Analysis on whether leveraging external certifications lead to fewer NCs in an ASI Audits, (D&R Insight article). 

Learnings & recommendations

The analysis shown that during ASI PS Audits, Auditors are showing diligence towards the findings within existing ISO Certifications and implementation of identified corrective actions. While ASI recognition of external standards and schemes can reduce unnecessary duplication during ASI Audits, it can also point to missing elements, or lack of effectiveness or controls under ISO Certification.  This serves to drive continuous improvement in Entities’ performance. 

ASI reflections

This analysis provided interesting insights into the use and impact of recognised Standards in ASI Audits. ASI took forward the learnings from this analysis into Auditor calibration discussions, updates to the Assurance Manual and review of the ASI Benchmarking & Recognition Procedure. ASI works to recognise related Standards and Schemes so that Members can leverage their other certifications during ASI Audits. However, in order for Standards or Schemes to be recognised by ASI, they must meet performance requirements as well as operational system requirements (assurance, claims, impacts) so that the rigour of ASI’s system is not compromised. 


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