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11 August 2023

Our Members’ commitment to fostering a more responsible aluminium value chain begins with achieving ASI Certification against the applicable requirements of the ASI Performance Standard within the first two years as a member, for at least one Facility, Program or Product. Beyond this initial certification step lies a consistent commitment to maintain membership validity through regular recertification[1].

The process is designed not only to ensure our Members’ continued affiliation with ASI, but also to refine and continually improve their company’s practices and sustainability outcomes over time. To ensure a seamless experience and continuous membership status, we encourage Members to consult the ASI Certification Timeline graphic, and undertake these three key proactive steps:

  1. Stay Aware of (Re)Certification Dates: New members, mark your calendars at two years from your joining date. For example, ASI Members that joined in August 2023 would be due to achieve an initial certification by August 2025.
    Certified members can find recertification dates on their certificate or membership profile on the ASI website. Staying informed of these milestone dates and deadlines is the foundation of a stable membership.
  2. Start your self-assessment on time: the self-assessment is the most involved part of the certification process and one that should not be underestimated. By starting this step early, members have the opportunity to address any gaps in their performance and implement corrective actions well in advance of the audit. While the auditor is not expecting perfection, a thorough self -assessment, conducted within a reasonable time frame will enable you to demonstrate that the appropriate systems and procedures are in place and conform with the requirements of the Standards’ criteria.
  3. Schedule your audit in advance: Review the list of ASI Accredited Audit Firms on the ASI website and create a shortlist of possible firms that can perform your audit. As auditors get booked up well in advance, even if your project management style is a bit “last minute”, we recommend that you contact audit firms at least 6 months in advance of your certification due date to schedule your audit, and also have enough time for any post-audit queries that may arise during ASI’s audit report review.

It is in our common interest that unexpected outcomes are avoided. The ASI team are always on hand to support members with their certification journey, and we can send reminders of key milestone dates and certification deadlines. However, ownership of these steps, particularly the responsibility for executing the self-assessment and audit scheduling, lies with ASI Members. While membership termination is rare, it is an unfortunate consequence of not meeting the certification requirements for continued membership of ASI.

We are on a common journey with each of our members to foster a more responsible aluminium value chain, and our aim is to support members to uphold their (re)certification commitments to secure their continued participation within ASI. If you have questions or concerns about any aspect of your certification journey, please contact Chinelo Etiaba, Membership Director.

[1] Failure to meet this condition of continued membership can lead to membership termination and a cooling off period of one-year before the company can re-apply for membership.


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