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15 January 2024

Every ASI member enjoys the privilege of a unique profile page on the ASI website. The profile page displays information about the company and is useful for validating ASI membership status with stakeholders.

Given the importance of these member pages, it is unfair to have members who are not in good standing enjoying the same membership privileges as those who are fulfilling the obligations of membership.

We will therefore be instituting a system of suspension to ensure that membership privileges are enjoyed by those members in good standing.

What does a suspended membership mean in practice?

If your membership is suspended, your individual member profile page will be removed from public view on the ASI website. You will also not be visible on the ASI membership list on the website here. Public visibility will only be restored when the conditions for good standing are met. For example, if you are removed for non-payment, you will only be reinstated when payment is made.

How can a member maintain good standing with ASI?

  • Pay your membership fees on time – renewal invoices are issued with a 60-day term. If you have any concerns or difficulties with the invoice, don’t stay silent or ignore our reminders, but respond to the messages with your concerns and we will be in touch to support you in the best way possible.
  • Achieve your certification on schedule – Members in our Production and Transformation and Industrial Users classes have two years from joining to achieve Performance Standard Certification for at least one facility, otherwise they forfeit their membership. Following this initial Certification, members must also maintain Certification by recertifying according to the required timelines. Failure to recertify means that that the Membership is forfeited.

ASI membership is a partnership

Please understand that your membership with ASI is a partnership. We work together to ensure you get the most value from your Membership and Certification. And where there are challenges, we will work with you to arrive at a solution of integrity for both you and ASI.

If you have any concerns or issues that may affect your ability to maintain good standing with ASI, please contact Chinelo Etiaba, Membership Director at


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