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Marching towards ASI’s Annual meetings

ASI AGM Save the date for April 2017The lead up to ASI’s annual meetings is always extra busy with preparations for Members and stakeholders coming together.  Here’s an update on progress and what we’ll be discussing.

On April 4 2017, ASI will be holding its second Annual General Meeting and Stakeholder Event in Montreal, Canada. Following formal AGM proceedings for ASI Members in the morning, the day will then open to keynote and panel presentations, as well as participative discussions on ASI’s emerging certification program. Registrations for the event closed yesterday and we look forward to welcoming around 80 participants from all over the world.

On the agenda are keynote presentations from Equiterre, Globescan, Bloomberg New Energy Finance, a panel discussion with ASI Board Directors, and panel presentations from ASI Members – Aluminium Association of Canada, UC Rusal, Schueco and Fauna and Flora International. The ASI Secretariat will also facilitate discussions on the development of ASI’s standards and assurance model, and designing the certification program to achieve impact.

In addition that week, the ASI Board will be meeting on Monday April 3, and will discuss a range of strategic and operational issues for ASI. And the ASI Standards Committee will meet from April 5-7, to discuss inputs from various Working Groups and consultations, as well as preparation for the upcoming public consultations on ASI Standards and the 2017 pilot program for members.

With a globally distributed membership, the week’s meetings are important opportunities for all participants to come together and contribute to the building of the ASI community and the development of its program. We anticipate it being a stimulating and productive week – and yet another step towards our broader mission to recognise and collaboratively foster responsible production, sourcing and stewardship of aluminium. 

Please contact the ASI Secretariat with any questions or comments.

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