Melanie Williams

Director, Melanie Williams Consulting

Melanie is a chemist and environmental scientist, with over twenty years of industrial experience, with expertise in materials processing. Melanie understands the principles of sustainable aluminium production and has knowledge of the ASI Performance and Chain of Custody Standards.

Melanie’s wide ranging expertise includes knowledge of social, environmental and economic sustainability principles, and chain of custody systems including segregation, mass balance and ‘book and claim’. This extends to the development and application of sustainability principles for the production and processing of commodities including metals, chemicals, biomaterials and biomass, as well as the development of systems for performance standards and chain of custody operations.

Other relevant experience includes advising processing industries on greenhouse gas calculations, sustainable procurement, supply chain traceability, stakeholder consultation with free and prior informed consent, labour rights, environmental impact assessment, biodiversity protection, sustainable land use, material stewardship and recycling.