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Read the latest ASI news in the October Newsletter

Here are the highlights from the October newsletter edition:

New report: Data collation and validation of GHG emissions from ASI Members

The external review of published greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and energy use data from certified ASI Entities, commissioned by ASI and conducted by Atmolite Consulting Pty Ltd., has been finalised and published. The review covers 51 ASI Entities, from 34 ASI Members. Of these, 15 Entities were engaged in aluminium smelting. Read more.

ASI Standards Revision process: Schedule update

To date, ASI has facilitated over 130 hours worth of web-conference based meetings in its Working Groups and Standard Committee (SC) during 2020, as part of the Standards revision process. Nevertheless, it has come to light that the overall process schedule requires some tweaking in order to give adequate time and focus to fully address some difficult key issues. Read more.

ASI shares lessons learned on LME’s Responsible Sourcing Panel Discussion 

As many readers will know, London Metal Exchange (LME) is introducing responsible sourcing requirements for all brands listed for good delivery on the LME against physically settled contracts. These requirements are designed to ensure that LME-listed brands appropriately embody relevant responsible sourcing standards. Read more.

ASI Certification Overview brochure now available in Portuguese 

It is one of our goals to inform to the widest audience possible and attract interest from all parts of the world about the ASI Standards and our work program in support of a responsible aluminium value chain. To this end, we continue our efforts to extend the number of our communication materials that are translated into different languages. Read more.

ASI Certifications update

In October, ASI Members achieved three new certifications, with several more in the announcement pipeline. Read more.

ASI Membership news

In October, ASI welcomed five Production & Transformation members, one Industrial User member, and one General Supporter member, bringing the total number of ASI members to 140.

Upcoming Events

  • Cameron Jones, ASI’s Director of Assurance will be presenting a keynote address at the IBAAS-JNARDDC 2020 Webinar on November 4 at 15:05: “Sustainability Challenges of Bauxite, Alumina & Aluminium Industry”

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