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ASI Standards Normative Documentation

ASI Performance Standard V2 (December 2017)

The ASI Performance Standard defines environmental, social and governance principles and criteria, with the aim to address sustainability issues in the aluminium value chain.

Guidance: ASI Performance Standard V2 (December 2017)

The ASI Performance Standard Guidance is designed to assist ASI Members to fulfil their commitment to implement the Performance Standard and achieve Certification.

ASI Chain of Custody Standard V1 (December 2017)

The ASI Chain of Custody (CoC) Standard sets out requirements for the creation of a Chain of Custody for CoC Material, including ASI Aluminium, which is produced and processed through the value chain into diverse downstream sectors.

Guidance: ASI Chain of Custody Standard V1 (December 2017)

The ASI Chain of Custody Standard Guidance has been developed as a resource to assist ASI Members seeking CoC Certification, and for ASI Accredited Auditors carrying out independent third party audits.

ASI Claims Guide V1 (December 2017)

The ASI Claims Guide sets out the rules and supporting guidance for the types of claims made regarding ASI Certification and Membership.

ASI Assurance Manual V1 (December 2017)

The ASI Assurance Manual set out the principles, procedures and objectives for the assurance model that support ASI Certification. It aligns with the principles outlined in the ISEAL Alliance Code of Good Practice.

ASI Complaints Mechanism (November 2015)

The ASI Complaints Mechanism aims to ensure the fair, timely and objective resolution of complaints relating to ASI’s standards setting processes, certification program, auditor conduct and ASI policies and procedures.

ASI Governance Handbook 09-2016 v.1

ASI Governance Handbook (September 2017)

The ASI Governance Handbook provides an overview of the design and implementation of the ASI governance model. It is aimed at orienting and guiding the various participants in ASI’s governance structure, including Board directors, Committee members and ASI staff.


ASI Antitrust Compliance Policy (September 2017)

The purpose of competition/antitrust law is to ensure that markets are free and fair by prohibiting distortions of competition. The ASI Antitrust Compliance Policy aims to ensure that nothing done by ASI and/or its members in contravention of competition laws at any level.

ASI Member Recruitment and Information Management Policy (May 2016)

The Member Recruitment and Information Management Policy sets out the form and manner organisations must follow to apply for ASI membership.

ASI Privacy Policy (September 2017)

The ASI Privacy Policy explains how we collect stakeholders’ personal information, what we do with it and how we protect it.

ASI Confidentiality Policy (September 2017)

The ASI Confidentiality Policy outlines and reinforces our high priority on the security and protection of confidential information in order to protect the privacy of its stakeholders and employees, according to ASI’s Privacy Policy, and comply with ASI’s Antitrust Compliance Policy.

ASI elementAl System Users Policy (September 2017)

The ASI elementAl System Users Policy outlines and reinforces our high priority on the security and protection of confidential information in order to protect the privacy of its stakeholders and employees, according to ASI’s Privacy Policy, and comply with ASI’s Antitrust Compliance Policy.

ASI Style Guide (December 2017)

The ASI Style Guide covers the rules for working with the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) identity, and defines how to use typefaces, colours and imagery. This style guide is intended as a reference and guide for the use and reproduction of the ASI brand.

ASI Member’s logo Guidelines (August 2018)

ASI Members are entitled to use the ASI Member’s logo in their communications and this document provides guidelines on use. Use of the Member’s logo is encouraged and helps to communicate and promote membership in ASI.

ASI Constitution (April 2016)

The ASI Constitution defines the roles and responsibilities of the various actors within ASI and sets out the bylaws under which ASI operates.

ASI Charity Registration Certificate (June 2015)

The ASI Charity Registration Certificate has been provided by the Australian Government upon registration of a not-for-profit organisation / charity.

Procedures and applications

ASI Oversight Mechanism (August 2018)

The ASI Oversight Mechanism describes the oversight mechanisms to control, review and improve the ASI Accreditation and Certification processes.

ASI Membership Information and Application (January 2018)

The ASI Membership Information and Application contains detailed information about becoming an ASI Member as well as the application form.

ASI Auditor Accreditation Procedure (June 2017)

The ASI Auditor Accreditation Procedure describes the process and requirements for the accreditation of Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) and their Individual Auditors which once accredited by ASI, are known as ASI Accredited Auditors.

ASI Registered Specialist Procedure (September 2017)

The ASI Registered Specialist Procedure describes the process and requirements for processing applications from a Technical Expert that wishes to become an ASI Registered Specialist

ASI Standards-Setting Procedure (August 2018)

The ASI Standards-Setting Procedure describes the process for the development, approval, publication and revision of ASI Standards.

ASI Certification Audit Report Oversight Assessment Procedure Version 1 (August 2018 )

The Certification Audit Report Oversight Assessment Procedure describes the internal oversight assessment processes carried out by the ASI Secretariat to review ASI Certification Audit Reports.

Flyers and overviews

ASI Complaints Mechanism Infographic (August 2018)

The ASI Complaints Mechanism Infographic describes, in a visual way, how stakeholders that have concerns about our program can file a complaint.

ASI Certification Flyer (February 2018)

The ASI Certification Overview Flyer describes the process of getting certified to the ASI Standards and all the elements involved, including the benefits of certification, supporting documentation, steps to certification, and more.

ASI 2017 Progress Report (February 2017)

The ASI 2017 Progress Report provides a snapshot of the development progress of the ASI Standards, an overview of ASI’s governance, overall program and finances, and more.

ASI Introduction and Overview (February 2016)

The ASI Introduction and Overview provides a global description of the ASI Standards, membership and membership benefits, ASI’s work program and more.

Indigenous Peoples Advisory Forum Flyer (January 2018)





Case Studies


  • Indigenous Peoples’ Participation in Sustainability Standards for Extractives (March 2018)

This study explores Indigenous Peoples’ participation in sustainability standards for the extractives industry. In this study, ‘extractives industry’ refers to the mining, forestry, hydrocarbon, industrial agriculture and hydroelectricity sectors. These sectors are increasingly operating on Indigenous Peoples’ lands, and commonly have damaging environmental and socio-cultural (including human rights) impacts for the Indigenous Peoples. Sustainability standards (i.e. best-practice operational procedures, including sector-specific Certification Programs) have emerged as means to mitigate these impacts and improve the benefits for Indigenous Peoples facing extractives developments. The best-practice design and implementation of sustainability standards underpinning Certification Programs requires the active participation of Indigenous Peoples in program governance and assurance processes. The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative is noted as a case example of Indigenous Peoples participation in a sustainable certification program.

  • Mining, the Aluminium Industry and Indigenous Peoples (September 2015)

The Indigenous Peoples Advisory Forum publication Mining, the Aluminium Industry and Indigenous Peoples recounts the rich and varied experiences shared at the Indigenous Peoples’ Expert Meeting on the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) held in Chiang Mai in May 2015.

Printed copies

ASI primarily makes its documents available electronically, to reduce environmental impacts.  However where required, copies of ASI documents can be printed on a laser printer and posted on request.  A small administrative fee may apply.  Contact info@aluminium-stewardship.org

More on Voluntary Standards Initiatives

The ISEAL Alliance is the global membership organisation for sustainability standards.  ISEAL’s mission is to strengthen sustainability standards systems for the benefit of people and the environment.  Their website has a wealth of information on good practice and the work of its members across a wide range of sectors and industries.

As an ISEAL subscriber ASI is part of the wider ISEAL community, and plans to apply for membership once its certification system is in operation and can be evaluated against ISEAL’s membership criteria.

Related Initiatives

ASI’s Performance Standard references a number of important social, environmental and governance criteria.  The standards and initiatives below share common interests and objectives: