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Sunberg Limited joins ASI as Downstream Supporter

ASI is pleased to welcome Sunberg Limited as a new Downstream Supporter member, bringing the total number of ASI members working toward a responsible aluminium value chain to 108.

About Sunberg Limited

Sunberg Limited, based in United Kingdom, started exports of recyclable metal 20 years ago from Russia, Europe and USA for processing by small to medium sized industries in South East Asia. As a passionate, dedicated promoter of recycling and a belief in the need for a Circular economy, Sunberg soon became a trusted partner of its clients in managing the entire supply chain with procurement, logistics and finance of not just Aluminium scrap, but also of ingots as finished goods. Efficiency, reliability and accuracy of contractual obligations became the hallmark of the company.

With fast changing economic priorities and policies, volatility has become a norm and how you manage that is crucial for success and profitability. Democratization, distribution and access to information means that companies can no longer command a market share without continuously evolving as true value providers.

Rather than competing, the operational focus at Sunberg is an engagement offering value propositions in response to new challenges and different needs of different markets. Sunberg is now well-positioned to bring transformational collaborations by reducing operational friction in forward thinking organizations. The success of the company is attributed to a people-centered culture, co-creating value for all stakeholders.

Life is simple; it’s the living that we complicate. Let us build the future together with a collaborative constructive attitude co-creating value, not just for shareholders but for all the stakeholders, which are not just suppliers and buyers but the consumers and communities as well.

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