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New 45 minutes on… webinar recording available: Number crunching with the ASI Public Dashboard

With more than 150 Certifications issued to date and a strong pipeline of new and re-Certifications, the ASI Public Dashboard enables all stakeholders to easily gain both a detailed and big picture view of the ASI program via tabular and graphical data, search and filter functionalities, and more.

ASI has launched a Public Dashboard for elementAl, our online assurance platform. The Public Dashboard provides database-level access to ASI Certification data that, to date, has been published only in PDF form. Search and filter functionalities create opportunities for stakeholders to analyse ASI Certification data by standard topic, conformance level, supply chain activity, geography, member, auditor, certification status and timing, and any other relevant variable or keyword.

This 45 minutes on… session leads participants through the key areas of the dashboard, the ASI Certification data that can be accessed and downloaded, and provides a flavour for the kind of analyses that can be undertaken.

Watch the session >>

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