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9 February 2023

Half of all ASI Certified Members hold both ASI Performance and Chain of Custody (CoC) Standard certifications.

CoC certification builds confidence – among customers in particular – that aluminium products are sourced and produced responsibly by Entities that meet ASI Performance Standard criteria. It provides assurance that companies successively handling the material at all stages in the supply chain are committed to responsible business practices and measured against ASI Standards.

Businesses can benefit from ASI CoC certification in many ways, depending on their supply chain activities and place in the value chain.


Enhance transparency 

Companies can support responsible mining, refining, smelting and recycling practices by demonstrating adherence to ASI Performance Standard criteria within their own operations. They can extend such practices and hold suppliers to the same requirements by conducting supplier due diligence, which in turn can drive higher accountability, again by meeting certain ASI Performance Standard criteria. CoC Certification, a demonstration of a robust material accounting system and processes to ensure mass balance of certified material as it moves along the supply chain, enables such companies to communicate and provide assurance against such practices in an unbroken chain to their customer and – if their customer is also CoC certified – beyond.

ASI’s recently launched CoC Material Accounting Tool (CoC MAT) is a freely available Microsoft Excel-based resource for companies to use in designing such material accounting systems.  It has been derived from existing ASI Member systems, reviewed by aluminium supply chain participants and is fully aligned with the CoC Standard.


Access reliable data on sustainability metrics

Sourcing material from CoC certified suppliers and conducting due diligence on non-certified companies can enable access to social or environmental metrics which may not be available publicly. This can help companies manage their exposure to supply chain risks, understand and prevent negative impacts, and enhance business resilience in a world in which supply chain confidence and security of supply is being eroded.


Respond to customers’ requests

CoC Certification can help companies to meet increasing expectations of customers to source material only from responsible suppliers. For example, some may have requirements specifically related to GHG emissions or recycling practices. Within ASI’s framework, CoC Documents can communicate such information and as passed from one company to another, can provide assurance  of responsible business practices.


Make claims for end-use products

CoC documents  record the movement of CoC Material between Entities at every stage in the supply chain. This enables CoC certified companies to label end-use products with an ASI on-product logo. Therefore, sending a strong message to customers about their commitment to responsible business practices in their supply chain.


Meet or prepare for regulatory compliance requirements

The combination of ASI Performance Standard and Chain of Custody Standard certification allows companies to demonstrate their responsible practices not only for their own operations but of their suppliers too. This may support companies in meeting regulatory, investor and customer demands such as the Proposed EU Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive.


Reduce supply chain costs in the longer term

Reaping all the benefits of CoC Certification i.e. easier access to supplier data, faster identification of risks and prevention of negative impacts, ability to label end-products, and consideration of regulatory compliance requirements will help prevent negative impacts which in turn can contribute to reducing costs and enhancing your business’ reputation.


Overall, CoC Certification contributes to increased transparency and accountability of practices and can provide a plan for supply chain transformation as it discourages malpractice and reinforces compliance with adequate procedures.



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