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Dr Penda Diallo

Penda joined ASI in September 2021. In her role as ASI’s Community Engagement and Development Manager, she is responsible for supporting members of the ASI Indigenous Peoples Advisory Forum (IPAF) through project support, capacity building and empowering of local communities and Indigenous peoples, particularly in Guinea. Penda works to ensure that their voices, opinions, concerns and development aspirations are considered through collaboration with IPAF members and in projects that aim to increase participation and equitable outcomes through implementation of Free Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC). Her responsibilities include enhancing local and Indigenous communities’ understanding of – and effective and informed participation – in the bauxite mining cycle, empowering IPAF members to actively participate with ASI through IPAF, the Standards Committee, ASI Working Groups and other activities, and working with stakeholders along the aluminium value chain. Additionally, Penda will be conducting and supporting targeted research with IPAF members, to inform stakeholders about the needs and aspirations of local communities and Indigenous peoples, how entities can effectively engage in processes such as FPIC and how to mitigate the impacts of bauxite development on local communities and Indigenous peoples.

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