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Ghaidaa Kotb

Ghaidaa is based in Berlin, Germany. She joined ASI in November 2021 and is responsible for developing educational content, learning modules, and capacity building for ASI members, auditors, and stakeholders.

Originally from Egypt, Ghaidaa holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Cairo University and University Paris 1 Pantheon; as well as a Master’s degree in Intercultural Mediation from Lille University; and a Master’s of Urban Sociology From Wroclaw University. She is currently doing her PhD at the Institute of Political Science and Sociology at Bonn University.

Thanks to her past roles, Ghaidaa has experience working in local and international organizations on urban governance, nature-based solutions, innovative sustainable development, facilitating learning, and gamification. She accumulated this experience working in Cairo, Senegal, Morocco, India, Germany, France, and Poland.

Ghaidaa is a native Arabic speaker, fluent in French and English, comfortable in German with a smattering of Spanish, Polish, and Wolof on the side.