ASI Standards Revision webinar: Overview of key proposed changes in all the ASI Standards documents (added 8.3.21)
Key topics include: Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Free Prior and Informed Consent, biodiversity, protected areas, human rights, Chain of Custody, recycled aluminium, extended application of the ASI Performance Standard, and others.

ASI overview for TMS2021 by Dr. Fiona Solomon video: (Added 02.03.21)

The latest information and updates on ASI’s progress and milestones in 2020 and a look ahead to 2021: (Added 14.12.20)

Presentation by Dr. Fiona Solomon for the Green Aluminium webinar organised by AIT: (Added 23.07.20)

Fiona Solomon, discusses uptake of ASI’s Standards and gives a snapshot of progress on the overall work program, key sustainability megatrends relevant to the aluminium sector, growth of responsible sourcing for the aluminium value chain, and the Revision Process for the ASI Standards that is now underway.