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2017 Consultation: If you missed our live webinars…

As part of the 2017 consultation, stakeholders had the opportunity to participate in 2 live webinars which provided a deeper dive into the six major normative documents that are open for public feedback. These include the:

  1. ASI Performance Standard
  2. Performance Standard Guidance
  3. ASI Chain of Custody Standard
  4. Chain of Custody Guidance
  5. ASI Assurance Manual
  6. ASI Claims Guide

The webinar not only describes the document contents, but goes into some detail on the changes proposed from earlier versions, where applicable. It also touches on the follow-up to the public consultation: the piloting phase.

If you weren’t able to attend the webinars but are interested to learn more about the consultation documents, the proposed changes and the piloting phase, you can access the video here.

To access the consultation documents, go to our 2017 consultation page.

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