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2022 – ASI’s Strategy on a page


While the world continues to face the challenges of Covid for yet another year uptake of ASI along the aluminium value chain has continued to grow.  We are proud to now have 210 ASI Members across our 6 membership classes, and 164 ASI Certificates have been issued to certifying Members for both Performance and Chain of Custody.

Our 2022 Strategy developed with the ASI Board is summarised in the graphic above.  It identifies ASI’s four sustainability priorities out to 2030:

  • Drive sector-wide climate mitigation and adaptation within a below 1.5C scenario
  • Drive circularity:  reduce metal losses, design out waste and pollution, regenerate natural systems
  • Drive nature-positive action on biodiversity, ecosystem services and bauxite mining rehabilitation
  • Drive location action, capacity building and supply chain due diligence to support human rights

These will flow directly through our operational priorities, which this year include:

Standards Revision:  finalise the revision process;  rollout and implementation of the new versions, including through elementAl and educationAl;  and maintain assurance integrity for ASI’s growing Certification portfolio.

Data and research:  reframe our data and research streams with input from our growing team;  deepen and share data insights with stakeholders; and carry out projects with Indigenous peoples in our new ‘Beyond Certification’ stream.

Engagement and alignment:  continue to strengthen engagement and outcomes with a broad range of stakeholders and partners;  with our members and in ASI governance;  and with our great team in the Secretariat.

We are excited about the year ahead with the milestone of the new Standards launch, as well as a wide range of other important activities and projects that aim to advance sustainability in the aluminium value chain.   We look forward to regularly sharing our progress with you each month.

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